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We are thrilled to introduce our seasonal team for the 2024 season to you, starting with Chloe and Maxime, who are joining us as wranglers and guides.

2024 Seasonal team, starting with Chloe and Maxime, who are joining us as wranglers and guides.

Seasonal employee 2024 ChloeChloe says she was born with travelling feet and a passion for horses, so it was obvious for her to choose a career in the Equine and Tourism Industry. With a 4-year degree in Tourism Management and a Trail Guide Certificate, she enjoys spending time with guests as well as with horses! While she started riding in an English saddle she fully fell into western riding in her early 20s. From there, she was looking for better technical equestrian skills, but also how to develop a partnership with horses based on trust. She started studying horsemanship methods in order to understand horses from new approaches – and we think that’s a perfect fit for our Horse Harmony program in Echo Valley.

Chloe first came to Canada in 2014 and fell in love with the country and the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. Her trail-guiding experience includes British Columbia, Canada, Iceland, and of course, her native France (Corsica Island, Royal Forest of Fontainebleau). Spending time with horses, especially on trails, is Chloe’s happy place. Her favourite playground is the big pine forests and the mountains in Canada.

Maxime grew up as a versatile rider, learning English and western riding early in life. He has always been fond of animals, especially horses. After completing his Instructor Certificate for Western Riding in 2010, he continued to develop his skills at his riding centre as a coach for riders and their horses, with a focus on well-being, respect, and improvement.

Seasonal employee MaximeMaxime is in constant pursuit of personal development and a deeper understanding of horses. He continually works to improve his relationships with horses and loves discussing and sharing his knowledge with others. His impressive credentials include a
6-month intensive training course at Red Spring Stables (Jura, FR) with Françoise Raimondo, an expert with more than 30 years of experience. We are thrilled to have Maxime as part of the Echo Valley team where he will continue to teach and develop our Horse Harmony program.

Chloe and Maxime immigrated to Canada together in 2021 seeking deeper knowledge and skills about horse training and horsemanship. Being at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a wonderful addition to our team and a great opportunity for them to share their knowledge and passion for horses in the beauty of the Cariboo wilderness. We could not be more excited about them leading our Horse Harmony program and helping our guests discover how kind and amazing horses are.

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