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Wilderness & Adventure Experiences


Survival Spirit


The wilderness of British Columbia boast breathtaking beauty, captivating all who venture here. But what if you found yourself stranded in this untamed realm for a day or two? Navigating thousands of acres of pristine wilderness can be an unforgiving challenge. How does one survive the unfiltered forces of nature alone? Enter our engaging and imaginative half-day wilderness survival course – The Survival Spirit Experience – designed to not only show you how but also answer any questions you might have. This experience is a treasure trove of survival techniques, skills that may prove invaluable one day or night.

Our guides are seasoned wilderness experts with a wealth of captivating stories to share. However, we kick off with an introduction on safely navigating remote and wild landscapes, even when you’re not lost. Encounter with wild animals can be intimidating, so we’ll provide essential ground rules to empower you with the confidence to stay secure.

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Next, it’s time to venture deep into the woods for an immersive wilderness survival course. In this rugged terrain, securing a water source takes precedence, even before foraging for sustenance. You’ll be astonished by the abundance of edible plants in the British Columbian wilderness. Discover how to distinguish the safe ones from those best left untouched.

Your journey continues by mastering the art of locating an ideal shelter, gathering the necessary materials, and constructing it. Shelters can be the game-changer when temperatures drop at night or rain sets in. Following that, you’ll delve into the skill of crafting fire using natural kindling. It’s around the crackling fire that you might hear intriguing survival anecdotes from our seasoned guides.

The Survivor series culminates with a lesson on finding your way back home, employing the sun as your compass and identifying landmarks as reliable guides.

Immerse yourself in the wilderness and embrace the call of the wild with our exhilarating Survival Spirit Experience!


Fly Fishing

Fly fishing, a blend of adventure and wellness, offers a unique experience that unfolds just steps away from your accommodation at Echo Valley. Casting a line becomes a form of meditation, demanding complete mindfulness and unwavering focus.

The rhythmic motion of casting is almost a meditative journey, grounding you firmly in the present moment. Mastering the art of casting requires skill, and our knowledgeable guides will ensure you learn all the tricks of the trade. Your journey begins with a dry-land lesson to refine your technique and control over the line. Then, by the water’s edge, you’ll have the chance to make that perfect cast, aiming to hook a majestic 10-pound rainbow trout. While it’s a catch-and-release endeavour in the wilderness, the excitement is absolutely undeniable.

Rods and tackle are readily available, and the prime times for catching the most sizeable fish are during the serene hours of dawn and dusk.

Man practicing fly fishing
Man practicing archery


The roots of archery trace back to roughly 6000 BC when it journeyed from Alaska to the Americas, becoming a cherished tradition passed through generations. It’s an art that demands inner tranquility amidst moments of heightened excitement, requiring a fusion of unwavering focus and the harmonious alignment of body and mind.

At Echo Valley, we invite you to rekindle your connection with this captivating sport. Our Archery Adventure offers the use of recurve bows under the guidance of a skilled instructor, tailored to your proficiency. You’ll be surprised by the diverse muscle groups you engage—a perfect prelude to unwinding later through a soothing yoga session or a rejuvenating spa treatment.




Adventures await at our shooting range, an exhilarating experience in the wilderness lasting about 1-2 hours—a perfect complement to your morning or afternoon explorations or a tranquil spa retreat.

Under the watchful eye of a licensed, seasoned guide, you’ll have the opportunity to fire firearms of various calibers. Safety is our foremost concern, so we begin with an introductory session covering proper handling, shooting techniques, and firearm maintenance.

When the moment arrives, feel the rifle stock nestled against your shoulder, hone in on the target, and expertly squeeze the trigger. Bullseye! It’s an electrifying experience you won’t soon forget.

Woman in a shooting range

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