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We are thrilled to welcome Marina Crameri and Christian Meyer to Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, as our Guest Services Team.

Marina Crameri and Christian Meyer

They have joined us from Switzerland, where they have been living since spending a few recent summers working on guest ranches in BC; the call of the wild was too strong to ignore and we are excited they have made the trip across the pond to become part of our team.

Marina CrameriMarina loves Canada’s vastness and beautiful nature, and is fascinated by the opportunities to catch a glimpse of wild animals such as bears, moose, and more. She felt that working in Echo Valley was a great fit for those reasons, and we could not agree more. A close connection to nature, friendly ranch critters, and wildlife sightings from a safe distance is what we’re all about.

Back in Switzerland, Marina worked as a nurse and in Echo Valley she is dedicating herself to the well-being of our guests as part of the guest services team. She sees herself as an all-rounder, always looking to learn new things and helping out where help is needed. A perfect fit for our team, that is filled with multi-asking talents.

Christian MeyerMarina’s partner Chris has been fascinated with Canada since he was a teenager, first visiting in 2008, and then immigrating in 2014. He’s worked in many different industries and professions such as maintenance, forestry, nature conservation, and guest services. He enjoys exploring nature and the peace and quiet it has to offer, and we’re glad this calling has led him to Echo Valley.

Together, Marina and Chris are dedicated to making our guests’ experiences unforgettable, and they look forward to meeting you in this beautiful valley we call home. Welcome to Echo Valley, Marina and Chris!

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