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Meet Moo!

We’re a few weeks into our 2023 shoulder season and after a long winter (with lots of snow), spring has finally arrived in Echo Valley and it was time for our hypoallergenic horse Moo to shed his winter coat. He was very excited about it, as you can see in the pictures.

Our guests who have enjoyed the 2023 season with us so far have been just as excited to connect with Moo and experience nature on horseback. Our Horse Harmony program is a great way to connect to your horse and then finish off with a gentle ride through the boreal forest.



Our team has also been busy planting the vegetable garden after growing seedlings in our greenhouse over the past couple of months. May can sometimes still bring frost at night, but it’s looking like we’re lucky this year and it’s smooth sailing for growing farm fresh food. We can’t wait for Chef Kim to be able to harvest for his culinary creations.

In other news, operations manager Mike Christensen may or may not have colour-coordinated with our blooming cherry trees, we even have photographic proof as you can see.

Want to book your own relaxing and rejuvenating getaway with no schedule, no pressures, but all wonder and awe? Get in touch with us today and we’re happy to check availability for you. We can’t wait to welcome you in Echo Valley!