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Echo Valley Wilderness


British Columbia is a nature lover’s paradise, and when you stay at Echo Valley Ranch & Spa, you’ll be surrounded by British Columbia’s beautiful Cariboo Mountains. Echo Valley will bring you close to the beauty of Canada’s natural landscape, from mountains to forests and deserts.

At this homey resort and spa, you’ll be welcomed with the perfect accommodations, a full ranch to wander, and friendly staff. And with your accommodations so close to nature, you’ll surely want to spend most of your time outside. There are plenty of hiking trails near Echo Valley, and you’re sure to find yourself wanting to explore as much as you possibly can. There truly is an option for every level of hiker when it comes to British Columbia hiking, and these are the best ways to explore the nearby trails, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro.



There are plenty of self-guided hikes starting from the Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. When you stay here, you’ll gain direct access to six nearby trails. These British Columbia hiking trails will take you through endless landscapes. You might pass through horse and cattle fields, or find yourself at the Reinhard Barn—a historical spot worth visiting. The hotel will provide you with trail maps so that you won’t get lost, and this is the perfect way to feel out hiking in Canada, especially for beginners.



The Echo Valley Ranch & Spa also offers some guided hikes for those looking to branch out a little bit and explore more. This is truly a great way to experience some British Columbia hiking while you’re in the area. Each guided hike is between two and three hours long, which means you’ll be able to get a great sense of the Echo Valley area during your excursion. The hikes change with the seasons, and the hotel staff would be more than happy to suggest which guided hike would be best for your skill level, and what you’d like to see while out exploring British Columbia’s nature.

Mount Bowman


This British Columbia hiking adventure is perfect for the advanced hiker looking to do more with their time in Echo Valley. On this guided hike, you’ll gain almost 3,000 feet in elevation and end up at nearly 7,500 feet! You’ll traverse through fields of wildflowers, alpine meadows, and more on your way to the top, and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view once you reach the summit.

We respectfully acknowledge that the images of the Fraser Canyon depict the exclusive territory of the High Bar First Nation (HBFN).