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What Legends

Are Made Of

Our newly designed Horse Harmony activity – part of our 2021 Signature Experience – offers a new way to bond and connect with our horses, and we’re excited to introduce it to you. For many years we’ve offered trail rides twice a day, but our horses are so much more than a vessel of transport; this new program, created by our Operations Manager Mike Christensen, puts the companionship with the horses front and centre, facilitating an understanding of how complex those animals are.

Are you wondering whether a day-long program is enough time to establish a meaningful connection between you and your horse? Our answer to that is: yes, if you’re truly open to it, it won’t take long at all.

A True


The morning starts with a short walk to our pasture; as soon as one of our wranglers whistles, you’ll have the first moment of awe while watching our herd of horses coming towards you, curious and ready to come to the corral. Bow, the leader of the herd, usually goes first, and all other horses follow.

Our wranglers will select the perfect horse for you, and the adventure begins. You’ll start out with grooming your horse and chatting with it a bit, introducing yourself and letting the horse introduce itself to you. A short walk to our outdoor arena comes next, and you’ll be surprised how responsive your horse already is to you.

The remainder of the morning is spent with trust exercises in our arena, the mutual trust between you and your horse is essential for the afternoon ride. You’ll bring the horse back to the corral while you break for lunch, surprised how quickly time has passed.

Experience Nature

Through Your Horse

After a farm-fresh lunch, it’s time to head back to the corral to groom and saddle your horse. You’ll go on a short ride into the forest around the ranch, to put those trust exercises to use and experience nature close-up, through your horse. A slow pace makes for an immersive experience, elevated by the mutual trust you and your horse have developed.

After returning to the corral you’ll unsaddle your horse and groom it once more, before sending it off to pasture.

We also invite you to take a stroll to our retirement pasture and visit our older horses. They receive the same care as our working horses, in appreciation of a lifetime of work and companionship.

*Our team is also happy to adapt the Horse Harmony program to a half-day experience for you.*