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What is Wellness? It’s not easy to define and explain, but when you feel it, you know.

Our guests talk about an immediate connection to the valley, a sense of peace, wonder, and harmony. It’s that special connection, made possible by nature, that defines wellness retreats in BC’s Echo Valley. The connection to something meaningful, the Earthly connection to something real. All you need to do is stop and soak it in.

Echo Valley is the Focal Point

Spirit of Place

The iconic location at the convergence of four geographic regions is both the perfect stage for outdoor wellness programs and an awe-inspiring backdrop for a deep connection to nature, oneself, and each other. It’s those connections that forge a sense of being well. A sense of wonder you thought you’d lost.

The current caretakers, Norm and Nan Dove, felt the special spirit of this BC wellness retreat when they first set foot in the valley and built a village of connection, community, and wellness – for people and for all living beings that reside and visit here.

Find yourself in Echo Valley.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

Wellness Experiences

Connect with the restorative elements of nature and immerse yourself fully. From solitary experiences to a deep connection with our ranch animals, our curated wellness programs deliver what you need to rest and restore. You can also download our brochure to view all of our adventure and wellness programs.


Thank you for welcoming us to this amazing place. We are all leaving feeling relaxed and renewed. You have created something very special here and we feel very lucky to have found it.

Coming to the ranch has been rejuvenating for us. It’s been peaceful being surrounded by beautiful souls, the animals, scenery, and literally everything has been magical.

Thank you for welcoming us to your wonderful bit of paradise. This place has a special energy and a way of enabling new friends to be made. Thanks especially to the horses.

Wow, wow, wow. The most relaxing and beautiful place we’ve ever stayed at, friendly people and gorgeous welcoming pets. Thank you for your hospitality.

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