The Intersection of

Adventure & Wellness

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is an eco-luxury ranch in the midst of one of the most beautiful places on earth.

There is an ancient connection between nature and mankind that you can actually feel – a harmony of body and soul. Time slows down. Your senses come alive. Wonder awakens. Our team loves to share this gift – an unparalleled eco resort in one of BC’s natural sanctuaries – with others who believe in the same qualities as we do. A spectacular place, nestled in the untouched Canadian wilderness.

Spirit of Place

Our 160-acre eco resort sits as an oasis at the convergence of four distinct geographic regions in BC: Marble Mountains, Mighty Fraser River and Canyon Desert, Cariboo Plateau Boreal Forest and Cariboo Grasslands. Such iconic geography gifts us with diverse flora, fauna and wildlife, along with easy access to a variety of soft adventure activities. As you explore the magic of Echo Valley, we invite you to reflect on the wonder of the world you encounter.

Our Iconic Location

Echo Valley is a small eco resort in BC, thoughtfully designed to inspire connection with the restorative elements of our natural surroundings. Discerning soft-adventure seekers are instinctively drawn to our respectful, sustainable, and comfortable lifestyle. Living in harmony with the land, we lovingly grow, raise, harvest, forage and preserve much of the cuisine served at the ranch.



Our Ranch


Locally sourced, authentically Canadian, farm fresh dining.


Luxurious comfort in the wilderness


Unwind and relax on your terms.


Wow, wow, wow. The most relaxing and beautiful place we’ve ever stayed at, friendly people and gorgeous welcoming pets. Thank you for your hospitality.

Coming to the ranch has been rejuvenating for us. It’s been peaceful being surrounded by beautiful souls, the animals, scenery, and literally everything has been magical.

Thank you for welcoming us to your wonderful bit of paradise. This place has a special energy and a way of enabling new friends to be made. Thanks especially to the horses.

Thank you for welcoming us to this amazing place. We are all leaving feeling relaxed and renewed. You have created something very special here and we feel very lucky to have found it.

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© 2020 Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy