“We were awed by the serenity and beauty of the land and by an overwhelming sense of spirituality and reverence for it. To this day, it’s hard to describe - it’s simply beyond words.”

Norm and Nan Dove

It’s the unique combination of many things coming together, the incredible geography, the animals and birds, the people who live and visit, our home, and much more. They all contribute to what makes Echo Valley Ranch & Spa a unique and an ideal place to connect with nature, oneself, and feel what wellness is really all about.

There are many places you could experience wellness. Almost everything is called a wellness experience nowadays. But if you are craving the connection to something more, something meaningful and real, the best place to find it must first be created by Mother Nature.

Copper Drop Springs
Norm and Nan and the dogs

When extraordinary circumstances come together to create something we cannot fully understand, we often use words like “coincidental” or “synchronicity” to explain them.

As I have grown older, I have opened my mind to accepting that such circumstances go far beyond being coincidental, I now see them as signs pointing to something special that we should take note of and revere, something phenomenal and real.

What has come together in Echo Valley is a focal point amid four distinctly different geographic regions. It’s a “Spirit of Place”, an area where life-giving water is supplied from the caverns of the Marble Range mountains, where the air is pure, where the absence of city lights reveals an infinite amount of stars, where city noise is replaced by the music of living beings we share this valley with.

I believe that everyone who visits this special place we call home – was meant to do so. And they discover and feel for the first time in a long while, a spiritual connection with nature and the universe around us.

Norm Dove ~ owner and founder


Coming to the ranch has been rejuvenating for us. It’s been peaceful being surrounded by beautiful souls, the animals, scenery, and literally everything has been magical.

Thank you for welcoming us to your wonderful bit of paradise. This place has a special energy and a way of enabling new friends to be made. Thanks especially to the horses.

Wow, wow, wow. The most relaxing and beautiful place we’ve ever stayed at, friendly people and gorgeous welcoming pets. Thank you for your hospitality.

Thank you for welcoming us to this amazing place. We are all leaving feeling relaxed and renewed. You have created something very special here and we feel very lucky to have found it.

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