Two and Three-Day

Bespoke Getaways

It’s great to have choices, but when you know, you know. This is especially true for that much-needed getaway you’ve been looking forward to for what seems forever. Wellness, Adventure, Spa, or Horse Harmony – which one tugs at your heartstrings?

Is it an immersive spa weekend with pampering from head to toe? Or are meditation, yoga, and the force of nature of our Canyon Connection Tour calling to you? How about the thrill of target shooting, the rush of mountain biking, or the elation of climbing Mount Bowman? Or is that unique connection to a horse, the companionship that speaks to your soul, what you’re craving?

When you know, you know.

Awakening Wonder One Getaway at a Time

Wellness, Aventure, Spa, or Horse Harmony

We love all our activities and the connection to oneself and to nature they make possible, but we also know that sometimes comfort lies in focusing on one thing and experiencing that to the fullest. We created our 2021 Getaways for a fully immersive experience, whether you have a short or a long weekend to enjoy it.

Available throughout our 2021 Summer Season, these getaways offer the flexibility to customize and pick your very favourites, or even double up on them! Our team will help create the perfect itinerary for you with enough adventure, wellness, spa, or Horse Harmony to your heart’s content.

Get in touch with our reservations team today to start planning your getaway.

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What's Included

2021 Echo Valley Getaways

deluxe accommodation

Lodging in one of our deluxe accommodations

breakfast in bed

All meals, farm-fresh, including wine or beer at dinner with your four-course meal

snacks anytime

Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages anytime

ranch facilities

Unlimited use of our well-appointed ranch facilities, such as games room, indoor pool, fitness room, and sauna.

self guided activities

Your choice of unguided adventure and wellness activities

Two themed guided activities with a 2-night stay, three with a 3-night stay

Select 2 themed guided activities with your two-night stay and 3 activities with your three-night stay.

2021 Getaways


per person for a 2-night getaway


per person for a 3-night getaway

Price per person, for single or double occupancy. Available weekends and mid-week.
10% gratuity and 6.65% tax will be added.

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The 2021 Echo Valley Getaways are available until September 30, 2021

Please refer to our complete booking and cancellation policy for details and view our COVID-19 policy here.


Thank you for welcoming us to your wonderful bit of paradise. This place has a special energy and a way of enabling new friends to be made. Thanks especially to the horses.

Coming to the ranch has been rejuvenating for us. It’s been peaceful being surrounded by beautiful souls, the animals, scenery, and literally everything has been magical.

Wow, wow, wow. The most relaxing and beautiful place we’ve ever stayed at, friendly people and gorgeous welcoming pets. Thank you for your hospitality.

Thank you for welcoming us to this amazing place. We are all leaving feeling relaxed and renewed. You have created something very special here and we feel very lucky to have found it.

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© 2020 Echo Valley Ranch & Spa. All Rights Reserved. | Privacy Policy